What to do if you can’t sell your house

What to do if you can’t sell your house

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Every once a while unexpected life event happen; for example, new additional member to your family. You find yourself having to sell current home because it does not fit your life style. Not being able to sell your house can be very stressful. Nobody wants to sell their house for less than their mortgage debt, as this would leave you with financial worries for years to come.  You probably prefer to sell your house as fast as possible without any noteworthy debts. This will make it much easier for you to move on to the next step in your life. To help you achieve this goal, we’ve listed 4 things you can do to speed up the process of selling your house.


Rent out your house

If you’re having problems finding a buyer for your house but you can’t afford the mortgage and other costs anymore, renting your house out could be a great solution. You can use a popular vacation rental website like Airbnb.com if you prefer short term renters, or you can go the more traditional route and offer a 1 year rental contract.

Renting out your house makes it easier to finance a new house and move on with your life. You can still keep looking for a buyer, although having a long term tenant in the house makes it a little less attractive for potential buyers.


Improve the appearance of your house

Making your house look more inviting, can be done with very little effort but it can make a world of difference. Just by giving the main rooms, or the outside of your house, a new paint job can be enough to entice people into buying. You can even hire professionals to do this for you and the money you spend might very well earn itself back.


You can also hire a professional house stager to make the interior of your house look stunning. Because these house stagers have a lot of experience in the field of interior decoration, they can oftentimes increase the appeal of your house by making minor adjustments. It’s definitely worth a shot.


Set your asking price right

It’s tempting to start off with a high asking price, when you put your house on the market. This can, unfortunately, have a negative impact on the sale of your house because it might scare potential buyers off. Chances are that your house will be on the market for a long time without too much interest and you might have to lower the price a couple of times eventually.

The longer your house is on the market, the more difficult it will become to sell it. Because this kind of information is public and easily available to buyers, they will start to think there’s something wrong with your house. It’s a situation you don’t want to be in and it can be easily avoided.


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A realtor that’s active in your area will know exactly what a fair asking price for your house is. If you prefer to sell without a realtor, you have to do some research yourself, about the real estate in your area. Find similar houses that have been sold recently and price your house accordingly.


Sell your house to an investor

If you’re tired of waiting for a buyer and in need of money, you can always sell your house to an investor. Many investors will pay you cash within a short timeframe and because they are experienced home buyers, the whole process is probably very smooth and easy.

You might not get the same amount of money as when you’re waiting around for that perfect buyer, but you will be able to start a new chapter in your life right away.

If you like to get a free estimate on your house at current condition, all you have to do is give us a quick phone call  at 469-351-9299. We can get back to you with possible offer based on your situation within 48 hours or less. There is no obligations on your part.

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