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I have had the pleasure of working with Jade in professional capacity for several years. Her Professional demeanor, customer focused attitude, in-depth experience, passion for quality, positive and fierce team spirit have been key contributors towards successful achievement of many goals that she has taken on. Jade’s approachable personality and inclusive nature allows her to leverage her skills and experience to influence folks she works with to be successful.
Jade’s instinct of putting her customer’s needs before her own has earned her, rightly deserved, respect and affection from people that she serves. She has keen sense of customer impact from objectives that she takes on and does not hesitate to go that extra mile to put her customers first. For example, Jade has demonstrated her sensitivity to customer impact by ensuring comprehensive coverage of quality of what she delivers and preemptively addresses potential risks and issues.
I have been very impressed with Jade’s strong work ethics, commitment and hard work. She has the good judgment to achieve success without compromising her commitments to quality of what she delivers. I have witnessed, on several occasion, Jade’s positive Spirit and Leadership influence her team to stay focused on their overall project goals and delivery schedule, under challenging and somewhat unpredictable circumstances.
Shah Sidi

Knowing Jade since 2009, she is very dedicated on whatever she pursues. She will fight hard to get things done. One of the things I like the most about her is that she is always think one step ahead of everything. It makes all the jobs are easy when working with her. Moreover, she cares and pay attention about people around her and people she works with. With her character and determination, I have no doubt she will make my job done no matter what. ” Tahtat Pojanakanokporn”

Jade is a hard working and dedicated individual. Her passion for work and problem solving skills are noteworthy. She likes to take on challenging projects and use her in-depth knowledge in delivering them in a timely manner. I wish her the best in anything that she takes on.

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