How To Get The Most Out Of A Small Garden

How To Get The Most Out Of A Small Garden

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If you’re living in a big city, you might have to settle for a small garden. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great backyard to relax in. You can make something great out of a small garden if you play it smart and know what to do. This week we will help you transforming your small garden into a beautiful oasis of peace.


Make use of the vertical space

You can bypass the problem of having a small garden by going vertical. You can do this by letting climbing plants grow on wire or wood but also by stacking crates filled with plants on top of each other.

The family of climbing plants is very big so you can diversify and choose the plants that match your personal style in the best possible way. For the crates, you can use colorful flowers to make your garden a happier place to be in. You can stack them up to create a wall of flowers, but make sure to add wooden planks for more stability.

Growing plants in jars is another great way of using the vertical garden approach. It will bring you cheap home grown herbs, while at the same time it makes your garden a more pleasant place to be in.


Vertical Plants


Add a small pool

Adding a pool to your garden has several positive effects. First of all, it gives you a perfect way to cool down and relax from a hard day’s work. Having a pool of water can also make the garden more serene, especially when you add some fountains that are quietly splashing. Another benefit is that the reflection in the water can make your garden appear bigger than it actually is.

It’s a misconception that a swimming pool can only be installed in large gardens. You can still build a modest size pool, large enough to sit in and enjoy a drink. You could even construct a sitting area in the pool with a small bar. By doing this you’re using your small garden to its full potential.

Small Garden


Be creative

Creativity goes a long way when it comes to spicing up your small garden. A very easy way to make your garden look a lot bigger is by placing a large flowerpot in front and smaller ones in the distance. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money to create this optical illusion.

A hammock doesn’t require much space to be hung and the advantage is that you can take it away whenever you choose to. All you have to do is install a couple of plugs to be able to hang the hammock. You can place it in a garden of any size. Relaxing in a hammock can uplift your energy at the end of an exhausting workday like nothing else

If you don’t have the space to install natural grass in your garden, artificial grass might be a great option. It can be bought in all sizes and will make your garden look a lot more inviting. Although it’s more expensive than real grass, it doesn’t require any maintenance and doesn’t wear out if some areas are continually being walked on.

Not everybody knows that a lot of plants also have a smaller variety. By making sure you select the smaller variety of the plants you’re using in your garden, you save up a lot of space. If you take some time to familiarize yourself with small plants that have aesthetically pleasing features, you garden can turn into a colorful little paradise.


Photo Credits: JD Hancock and sean hobson/ CC BY

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