Remodeling Your Master Bathroom on a Budget

Remodeling Your Master Bathroom on a Budget

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You might be postponing the remodeling of your master bathroom for some time already, thinking it’s going to cost you a fortune. In the meanwhile, you’re getting tired of the boring look of your bathroom. You have to realize, though, that it’s possible to drastically change the look of your bathroom without spending a lot of time or money. In this week’s article we will give you 4 tips to help you remodeling your master bathroom on a budget.



The quality of lighting in the bathroom hugely impacts the way your bathroom looks and the feeling it gives you when walking in. It’s something that you can significantly change for the positive with even a small budget.

When the amount of sunlight coming in throughout the day is very low, you might want to consider adding an extra window. Having a new window placed costs about $4500 on average. As a small window can probably be sufficient for your bathroom, it will probably be a bit cheaper. You can save even more money by installing a single pane window.

Another way to spice up your bathroom with lighting is by adding LED strips. If you have a large mirror, you can install these strips on the sides. This adds to the ambiance of the room and gives you a clearer view of yourself when looking in the mirror. LED strips are low cost and can be installed without professional help.

Remodelling Bathroom Budget


Paint your bathroom

One of the cheapest ways to give your bathroom a completely new look is to paint it. Using white paint or another neutral paint colour, makes the room look clean and gives it a very serene feel.

To make your bathroom more unique and special, you can choose to use a different colour for every segment. You can give your bathtub a completely new look by using a light blue or light green colour. This makes it much more appealing to jump in and have a bath. Your personal preferences should prevail as the bathroom is your own private room and should be a place you feel home at.

If you have tiles in your bathroom and don’t want to remove them all, you could just choose to paint over them. All you have to do is sand the glazing layer off to make the surface suitable for paint. Although this option takes some time and dedication, the result can be just as good as installing totally new tiles and it’s a lot cheaper. You can find more detailed information about how to paint tiles, on many home remodelling websites.


Install new tiles

Installing new tiles in your bathroom doesn’t have to cost that much. The most expensive options are the decorative or glass tile types so you would have to avoid those. Gloss tiles are also on the expensive side, although they can save you a lot of time on cleaning once they are installed. Tiles made of white porcelain last for a long time and could be a good choice if you’re looking for durability.

The white tiles are generally your cheapest option. By using large white tiles all throughout your bathroom, you’ll make the room look very large and bright. By using one type of tile in your whole bathroom, you might be able to get a bulk discount.


Add items to your bathroom

 When you think about remodelling a bathroom, you probably don’t think about adding some items you can buy in a department store. The fact is that some items could make your bathroom look very different and new. The type of items to use can be low cost or even items that you were recently thinking of throwing away.

If your bathroom doesn’t have much variety in the colour use but you don’t have the time or money to paint it, you can choose to add colour rich items. This could be some rugs on the floor or a towel ladder. These can be bought cheaply and by placing bright towels on the ladder, you bring freshness to the bathroom.


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