How To Protect Your Home From Theft

How To Protect Your Home From Theft

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Home theft is an issue that we’ll probably all have to deal with at some point in our lives. Statistics given out by the FBI have shown that your house has a chance of about 2% per year to be broken into. This isn’t a very comforting idea but there are some things you can do to lower the chance of falling into this group. We’ve listed some tips so you can keep unwanted intruders out and protect yourself from home theft.


Install lights and cameras

Burglars flock to dark non-supervised houses much like rats flock to dark holes. One of the best ways to scare burglars away and protect your home from theft, is to place CCTV cameras and motion detection lighting. This can be done on a small budget and will have a pre-emptive effect.

Cameras are available in all price categories these days. If you want to spend the absolute minimum, you could opt to install fake cameras. Most burglars will look for an easy house to break into and will give up if any obstacles present themselves. Hanging a camera outside your house that looks real, could very well be all it takes to scare them off.

You’ll get a safer feeling by installing a camera capable of streaming its recordings online. All you need to do is open a link on your computer, or even on your smartphone, and you can see exactly what’s going on at your house. Now you’ll also have recorded proof if a burglary was to happen, increasing the chances of getting your belongings back.


Be alert of strangers

It’s becoming more important nowadays to be suspicious of people you don’t know very well. Even something you don’t pay much attention to, like stating on your timeline that you’ll be going on a holiday, can be enough to tip off bad intended people.

Some burglars will call you, acting like telemarketers. They’ll simply ask when you’ll have time to speak to them. This could be all it takes for them to know the best time to break into your home. Just follow your instincts at moments like these and don’t be afraid to say no.


Install a neighborhood watch

Internet and smartphones can be your best friends in the prevention of home theft. You can give burglars a hard time by starting a chatgroup with your neighbours on an app like Whatsapp. This increases the community feeling and all suspicious behaviour can be shared instantly.

Protect Home Theft
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To make the chatgroup even more effective you can combine it with a neighbourhood watch. A schedule can be made in the group chat, to make sure there’s always someone on the lookout. Everyone in the street will feel a lot easier this way. Burglars are usually going for easy targets so they’ll think again before bothering with your house.

The effectiveness of neighbourhood chatgroups to protect yourself from home theft, has already proven itself in The Netherlands. Burglaries have been reduced by as much as 60%, in some of the areas where this method is being applied. It’s given residents a much stronger awareness and they have become less hesitant to call the police when any suspicious circumstances arise.

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