7 Inspiring Modern Home Designs

7 Inspiring Modern Home Designs

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We’ve always had a very strong love for modern home designs and that’s why we want to share our favorites with you. It’s very inspiring to see the creativity and character that an architect can give to a house. Hopefully you will enjoy the following modern home designs just as much as we do.



Walensee House

The Walensee House has a beautiful view of Lake Walensee and the Churfürsten mountains. It’s designed by KM Architektur and is located in the idyllic city of Unterterzen in Switzerland. An awesome house to retreat to.

Walensee House

Modern Home Designs

Walensee House Interior

The Walensee House / Photos by Joe Wolf / CC BY




This villa is a great example of what a creative architect can achieve. It’s located in upstate New York and consists of 3 boxlike areas fitted on a slope. It’s the ideal summer house where you can enjoy your free time with friends and family. The interior has very unique features with walls transitioning seamlessly into the floor and the other way around.

Villa NM Exterior

Villa NM Outside

Villa NM Interior

VilLA NM / Photos by Architecture, Food & One Little Beautiful Girl / CC BY



Jeda Villa

Jeda Villa is a resort with 3 luxury villas in Bali, Indonesia. They each have their own swimming pool and overlook the ocean on one side and a mountain ridge on the other. It’s a beautiful example of modern and Balinese architecture fused together.


Jeda Villa Bali Exterior

Jeda Villa Bali

Jeda Villa Bali Interior

Jeda Villa / Photos by Bart Speelman / CC BY



Villa 3S

This modern and very unique looking villa is built in Austria by LOVE Architecture. It’s designed to blend in with the garden area. The living room has an extended ceiling and functions as the center of the house.


Villa 3S Exterior

Villa 3S Living Room

Villa 3S Inside

Villa 3S / Photos by Joe Wolf / CC BY



Manna House

The Manna House was is a remodel of an existing house and was designed by Jeremy Levine. It has a very open character with a lot of windows and somewhat resembles a boat. The house was created to be as colorful and as sustainable as possible.

Manna House Exterior

Manna House Interior

Manna House Rooftop

Manna House/ Photos by Jeremy Levine / CC BY



Red Box

This is another design by Jeremy Levine. It’s characterized by the red box on top of the house, overlooking the Hollywood Hills in California. It has a very modern look, both from the outside and the inside.

Red Box Exterior

Red Box Living Room

Red Box Interior

Red Box/ Photos by Jeremy Levine / CC BY



Marmont Avenue Villa

This villa overlooks the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, USA. It has been designed with an eye for detail and is fit to live a celebrity lifestyle. It has a pool, outdoor fireplace on the roof, 6 bedrooms and 4 bedrooms.

Marmont Los Angeles

Marmont Modern House Los Angeles/ Photo by Chase Lindberg / CC BY



Which of these modern home designs is your favorite? Please let us know in the comments below.


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