4 Tips For Gardening In The Spring

4 Tips For Gardening In The Spring

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The spring period is a great time to start doing some gardening. We’ve put together 4 tips for you to work on your garden in the most efficient way possible. Because preservation of the environment is important to us, these tips are focused on ecological ways to get the most out of your garden.


Bring birds into your garden

When we think of a great garden, we imagine colourful plants everywhere and birds flying around, chirping away carelessly. Both of these things can be very easy to create. You can attract birds by adding water areas for them to drink from. They can also be drawn in by having some bird food available in the garden or by having a nesting box.

Not only are birds pleasant to look at and listen to, they can also take some of the gardening work out of your hands. They will eat insects and pests that can be harmful to your plants. This can save you time but you also won’t have much need for pesticide anymore. This is beneficial for your wallet as well as for the environment.


Plan ahead

Spring is the best period to really think about what you want to do with your garden. If you already have an image in your head of your perfect garden, it will be easier to plant the right bulbs. Start gardening in the spring and relax and enjoy during the hottest months of the year.

It’s good to know what types of plants to grow in the spring. Because the summers in Texas can be very hot, it pays off to plant early. The long summers that we’re lucky enough to enjoy here, make it possible to plant twice a year.


Prepare your gardening tools

Many people don’t take the time to prepare their gardening tools when the spring period arrives. You can make it much easier for yourself by checking your tools right now, and replacing them right away if needed.

It’s good to have sharp blades on your mower, so you won’t have to deal with disease or fungus in your grass. Also don’t forget to change the oil and clean the filters of your mower. A good preparation is half the battle.

In case you have a sprinkler system in your garden, do a test run to check for leaking pipes. You don’t want to waste unnecessary water away.

It’s interesting to think about natural ways of watering your garden. You can do this by collecting rainwater in a bin to sprinkle out later. If you want to go the extra mile, you could construct your rain gutters so it will spread out the water over your garden automatically.

Gardening in the Spring


Plant the right bulbs

April is the month to plant summer annuals and perennials. They should be available in a wide variety at your local nursery. Some of the most popular ones are Lantana, Pentas and Begonias.

What’s great about Pentas is that they will attract beautiful butterflies to your garden. It also has a very long blooming period and can handle high temperatures very well.

To get the best results out of summer vegetables or herbs, now is the time to start planting them. In just a few months’ time you’ll be enjoying your garden and eating from delicious home grown vegetables.



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