Fixing your kitchen cabinets as a home improvement

Fixing your kitchen cabinets as a home improvement

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Fixing or updating your kitchen is a great investment that can benefit you in several ways. Having an updated and beautiful kitchen that invites people in, can significantly improve your property’s value. It will also be more convenient for you to cook in a high quality kitchen. If you only have the time or money for one home improvement project, the kitchen is the recommended place to spend it.


Why you should improve your kitchen

The kitchen is such a great area for home improvement because it offers the highest return on your investment. Statistics have shown that a kitchen improvement can add the entire investment towards the value of your house and sometimes even more. This would be hard to obtain with other home improvements.

When compared to other repairs on your house, an improvement of your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive. It will, however, be a very prominent and noticeable home improvement. By repainting the kitchen area or replacing the cabinets, you keep the costs low and still drastically change the look of your kitchen.

An overlooked reason to update your kitchen is to keep unwanted bacteria out. Especially older kitchen cabinets can absorb a lot of filth, even after thorough cleaning. New kitchen cabinets are specifically made to keep these germs out of your kitchen completely.


What it will cost you

The average kitchen improvement project costs about $4,000. If you replace everything in your kitchen you’ll spend a lot more but if you only replace the cabinets, it will be on the cheaper side. If you’re really going for a low budget project, you could just replace the cabinet doors.

Another way to cut down the costs is to remove and replace the cabinets by yourself instead of hiring a company to do it for you. Make sure that you know what you’re doing because if you damage your new kitchen parts, you’ll lose your profits.

Framed cabinets are slightly cheaper than frameless cabinets. The benefit of a frameless cabinet is that they are a little bigger in volume, because the frame takes less space.

Your budget will have a large influence on the type of material you can use for your kitchen cabinets. The regular wood, or wood combined with plywood cabinets, are one of the cheapest options starting at about $85 per linear foot. If you prefer a more unique type of wood or an extra strong one, the costs might go up to about $170 per linear foot. If you like to get a more specific idea what it will cost you to purchase new kitchen cabinets, you can use one of the many cabinet estimator tools online.

Whatever you schedule for your kitchen repair budget, it will probably cost you a little more than you think. Make sure to have some extra money for this, otherwise you will end up cooking in a half completed kitchen.

KitchenA kitchen with modern kitchen cabinets by Karen / CC BY


Materials to use

As stated before, the wood, or wood combined with plywood cabinets, are the cheapest option. The quality of laminate as a cabinet material, has improved a lot in the past years but it’s still very affordable.

Veneer is also a cheap material to use in your kitchen. They have a decorative quality to them and are great to use, especially if they match well with the rest of your house. If you want them to have some extra strength, you can buy them with ABS protected edges.

A more expensive option is solid timber. This material can be very aesthetically pleasing and makes cabinets very robust. It’s not a very popular option with environmentalists though.

If you like to go for a more sleek and modern design, 2-pack can be the perfect cabinet material for you. This expensive type of material is characterized by its shiny surface. It’s available in all kinds of colours but most people go with black or white. A family with kids can benefit greatly from 2-pack’s ability to hide scratches and the low effort it requires to keep it in a clean and great condition.


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