How To Conserve Water In Your Garden

How To Conserve Water In Your Garden

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Knowing how to conserve water in your garden is crucial if you’re living in North Texas. Although there’s an abundance of rainwater during some parts of the year, the dry summers can make it necessary to use water sparingly at other times. By changing your watering routine slightly, you can be a lot more efficient with the water you’re using. Being smart about the use of water is better for the plants in your garden and can save you money too.

Not everyone realises how an abundance of water can negatively impact the condition of your garden. It will make diseases grow faster and can cause roots to rot. It also has an impact on the environment outside of your garden.

When the total water use exceeds a certain level, your water supplier might have to use water from streams or from the ground. This means that vegetation in these areas will now have less water available to it. This can also make the water more expensive, which is not what you want. The good news is that there are some very easy and low budget steps you can take to conserve water in your garden.


Collect rainwater

As we’ve been talking about in last week’s blog article, the amount of waterfall in Texas can be very excessive at times. If you could only save up water at this period and use it when it’s scarce, it would be cheaper for you and better for the environment as well. Collecting rainwater from your roof is a great way to start.

You might already have drainpipes installed to direct the rainwater from your roof into the ground. In that case, all you have to do is make the pipes a little shorter so you can fit a water collection bin under it. If your roof is big enough, you might have a large supply of rainwater soon to save until dry periods.



The principles of xeriscape are very suitable for the hot summers that we’re experiencing out here. Applying xeriscape to your garden means that you will use one or more water conserving methods.

First off, you’ll use plants that have a good resistance to hot and dry weather. Another important thing of xeriscaping is to create shade by adding large bushes or a tree. Now the water in your garden will evaporate less fast.

It may take some time to plan and create an optimal xeriscape garden. Once it’s finished you will be able to enjoy a garden that needs very little water and you might even automate the watering process with timers.

A garden that’s built according to the xeriscaping principles, can be very pretty and doesn’t just have to consist out of cactus plants. There are many colourful plants available that are heat resistant. We’ve already given you some examples of suitable plants in a previous blog article.


Use sprinkler alternatives

By having a sprinkler system in your garden you’ll cut down on the time you have to spend watering each and every plant. You will, however, lose a lot of water because the water is shot into the air. Some of it evaporates before it even hits the ground. Many sprinklers also overshoot and water areas that don’t even have plants in them.

Conserve Water Garden

Home is where the sprinkler is/ Photo by Robert Couse-Baker / CC BY


A more efficient way of getting water to your plants is by using seep hoses or soaker hoses. You place the hose in your garden under a layer of mulch. The system will now leak out water to your plants.

A soaker hose differs from a seep hose as it lets out water over the entire surface. The water comes out through tiny holes. A seep hose is more adjustable to your personal needs than a soaker hose. You can make the holes wherever you like them to be, so the water is only going where your plants are.

The great thing about this kind of watering system is that it is very water efficient. The water leaks out of the hose under the mulch, where the sun doesn’t evaporate it.

The best time to water your plants is in the early morning. This will make them able to withstand the heat later in the day and enables you to conserve water in your garden. By using the hose system around this time, you are doing yourself as well as the environment you’re living in a huge favour.


Photo credits: oh dear.. save water!/Photo by Vinoth Chandar/ CC BY



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