How To Conserve Water In Your Garden

Posted by Jade Chuenkamon // May 4, 2016 // Blog // Conserve Water Dallas / Conserve Water Garden / Conserve Water Texas / How To Conserve Water / Important To Conserve Water / Sprinkler Alternatives / Water Conservation Methods / Water Saving Garden Design / Water Saving Garden Ideas / Xeriscape / Xeriscaping

Knowing how to conserve water in your garden is crucial if you’re living in North Texas. Although there’s an abundance of rainwater during some parts of the year, the dry summers can make it necessary to use water sparingly at other times. By changing your watering routine slightly, you can be a lot more efficient […]

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Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Flooding?

Posted by Jade Chuenkamon // April 26, 2016 // Blog // Flood Coverage / Flood Damage / Flood Damaged / Flood Damaged Home / Flood Damaged House / FLood Insurance / Flood Insurance Rates / Flooded House Texas / Flooding Insurance / Homeowner Insurance / Homeowners Insurance Flooding / Sell Flooded House / Texas Flood 2016 / Texas Flooding 2016

If you’re a homeowner in Texas, you might have some concerns about floods in your neighbourhood. Many areas in Texas are regularly hit by floods, seriously damaging homes. This concern will be a lot bigger if you lack a sufficient flood insurance. Today we will help you to be prepared for future floods in Texas. […]

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8 Inspiring Ideas For Your North Texas Garden

Posted by Jade Chuenkamon // April 20, 2016 // Blog // Dallas Garden / Dallas Garden Tips / Dallas Gardening / Houston Garden Photos / Inspiring Gardens / North Texas Garden / North Texas Garden Planting Guide / North Texas Gardening / North Texas Gardening Tips / North Texas Landscaping / Texas Landscape Pictures / Texas Landscaping Ideas / Texas Landscaping Photos

By [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons   Weather conditions here in north Texas can be very hard to withstand for some plants. The hot summers and frequent storms will really put the plants in your garden to the test. By knowing which plants perform well in this kind of weather conditions, you […]

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4 Tips For Gardening In The Spring

Posted by Jade Chuenkamon // April 13, 2016 // Blog / Sell A House // April Gardening Tips / Early Gardening Tips / Ecological Gardening / Garden During Spring / Garden Tips For Spring Planting / Gardening Environmental Friendly / Gardening In Spring / Gardening In The Spring / Gardening Spring / Gardening Spring Tips / Spring Gardening Tips

The spring period is a great time to start doing some gardening. We’ve put together 4 tips for you to work on your garden in the most efficient way possible. Because preservation of the environment is important to us, these tips are focused on ecological ways to get the most out of your garden.   […]

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7 Inspiring Modern Home Designs

Posted by Jade Chuenkamon // April 6, 2016 // Blog / Sell A House // Contemporary House Design

We’ve always had a very strong love for modern home designs and that’s why we want to share our favorites with you. It’s very inspiring to see the creativity and character that an architect can give to a house. Hopefully you will enjoy the following modern home designs just as much as we do.   […]

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How To Protect Your Home From Theft

Posted by Jade Chuenkamon // March 30, 2016 // Blog // Home Burglary Facts / Home Theft / House Stealing / House Theft / Prevent Theft At Home / Protect from Burglars / Protect Home From Burglars / Protect Home Theft / Protect House Theft / Protect Your Home

Home theft is an issue that we’ll probably all have to deal with at some point in our lives. Statistics given out by the FBI have shown that your house has a chance of about 2% per year to be broken into. This isn’t a very comforting idea but there are some things you can […]

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How To Get The Most Out Of A Small Garden

Posted by Jade Chuenkamon // March 23, 2016 // Blog // Backyard Ideas / Creative Garden / Garden Idea / Garden Ideas / Small Backyard / Small Garden / Small Garden Ideas / Small Garden Pool / Small Garden Tips

If you’re living in a big city, you might have to settle for a small garden. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great backyard to relax in. You can make something great out of a small garden if you play it smart and know what to do. This week we will help you […]

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Remodeling Your Master Bathroom on a Budget

Posted by Jade Chuenkamon // March 16, 2016 // Blog / Sell A House

You might be postponing the remodeling of your master bathroom for some time already, thinking it’s going to cost you a fortune. In the meanwhile, you’re getting tired of the boring look of your bathroom. You have to realize, though, that it’s possible to drastically change the look of your bathroom without spending a lot of time or […]

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How To Sell Your Home Without A Realtor

Posted by Jade Chuenkamon // March 10, 2016 // Blog // Cash Sale Real Estate Closing / Closing Without A Realtor / For Sale By Owner / For Sale By Owner Process / House Without Agent / No Real Estate Agent / No Realtor / Sell Home As Is / Sell Home To Professional / Sell Home Without Realtor / Sell House As Is / Sell Without Agent / Sell Without Realtor / Without Realtor

When you sell your home, a significant amount of money is lost on closing costs. Hiring a real estate agent will probably be among the most expensive of these costs. On average, 5-6% commission has to be paid to the agent, after you sell your home. An expanding group of people now prefer to sell […]

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How To Profit from Buying Tax Lien Property

Posted by Jade Chuenkamon // March 2, 2016 // Sell A House // Buy Tax Lien Property / Buy Tax Liens / Buying Tax Lien Property / Buying Tax Liens Online / How to Find Tax Lien Properties For Sale / Lien Property / Low Risk Investment / Profit Tax Liens / Tax Lien Certificates / Tax Lien Foreclosure Properties / Tax Lien Properties List / Tax Liens

If you are looking for a lucrative way of investing your money that doesn’t have to take a lot of effort, buying tax lien property could be perfect for you. It can give you a rate of return of around 18% and sometimes even higher. Because the investment is backed by property that you can […]

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